Spectacular Seabed Emerges From Under the Glacier

Fortunately on the ICEBERGS team we have two geophysics geniuses, Floyd Howard and Katrien Van Landeghem. They have used the ship's multibeam sonar to map the seabed of the fjords we have been exploring. In the 3D fly through video above, you can see the bottom gouged out by glacial advances and retreats going into and out of ice ages. Each time there is mini glacier advance, the mighty glacier front bulldozes a pile of rubble along the seabed to leave bow-shaped, shallow 'morraines' or 'sills' that you can see in the video. These morraines become oases of abundant life that we can see on the Shallow Underwater Camera System images.  Well, we are in now in Punta Arenas, so journey's end - but we depart to countries all over the world, and for some onto Antarctica to winter...


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