Borgen Bay (28th November)

Apologies for the delay between blog posts, but it has been all go aboard the JCR over the past few days. Having finished up at Marion Cove on Sunday afternoon – all rather exhausted but buzzing after some successful data collection - we steamed to our next exploration site: Borgen Bay, located on the SE of Anvers Island. We are currently about two thirds of the way through our science here and it has been all go – sleep, eat, science interspersed by some precious moments up on the Monkey Island to take in the breath taking views. It’s hard to put into words just how spectacular this location is….so here are some pics!
Borgen Bay – surrounded by mountains and glaciers. Highest peak is 2825 meters.
Alexis and Anna sampling for plankton. 

Gentoo penguins. 

View from the office. 

All being well, we should be leaving Anvers Island later tonight, when after some rest and recuperation we will fill in the gaps in the blog, explain some more about the science, and life on Antarctic waters. Keep posted!


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